In July, 2010 New Products Released

  DW released new products-Bluetooth handsfree carkit and oilless Air Compressor.

In May,2010 Tokyo Sales Office was established

  In May,2010 Tokyo Sales Office was estabished in Setagaya Disctrict in Tokyo, it will improve
  the service in Tokyo business zone.

In May,2010 Xfactor Co.,Ltd. becomes the subsidiay company of DriveWorld Inc.(D.W.) by stock transfer.

  Xfactor is online shopping company in Japan which possessed three online stores. It is helpful
  to promote D.W.’s B2C business after it becomes the subsidiay company.

In April, 2010 Shanghai Office was estiblished

  In April, 2010 Shanghai International Sales Office was estiblished Shanghai International Sales
  Office is responsible for product planning, product design and Japanese products sales in

In March,2010 The lastest Video&Power Amplifier designed by D.W. started to sell.

In February,2010 Osaka logistics warehouse was established

  The logistics warehouse was established in Nagayi Disctrict Osaka, it will shorten the delivery
  time for customers.

In November,2009 D.W. started car monitor plan,development and production due to the customer’s favourable comments.

In October,2009 QC Office was established in Shenzhen, China.

  In October,2009, QC Center was established in Shenzhen, China.
  D.W. executes quality control management strictly in order to improve the product quality and
  satisfy the customers.

In September 2009 D.W. opened online store in Rakuten to start the car products online shopping business.